The Wrong Diet
Dennis Potter - Cold Lazarus   The Wrong Diet

The Wrong Diet on Vimeo.


I have re-edited  ‘Cold Lazarus’ by Dennis Potter ( into a video piece of approximately 11 minutes long with the working title of ‘The Wrong Diet’( a Daniel Feeld quote)‘Cold Lazarus’ made a lasting impression on me when I first saw it broadcast in the UK and has haunted me as a reference ever since. I was struck by its prophecies and how it captured something personal within me. In re- editing the four part drama into a video art work I wish to draw attention to just how prophetic it was, particularly in relation to mass media, reality television, the interpretation of history and copyright. By sampling sections of ‘Cold Lazarus' I am reflecting the dilemma of Professor Porlock’s team and aim to show how Dennis Potter’s observations are so poignant and relevant to me as an artist. As a curator with experience of combining contemporary art with heritage settings ‘Cold Lazarus’ has particular significance with its commentary on how we experience and engage with the past.


...And yes I treated the footage and I left a blank black space that looks like drop out, it is the missing second.